Beatrice jewel sandal

Beatrice is the most appreciated flip-flops of the new 2019 catalogue. An handcrafted jewel sandal, elegant and unmistakable style.

Handmade jewel sandals

Handmade sandals

Our sandals are hand made according to a tradition passed down from father to son for three generations. From the sole to the decorations, everything is done by hand with care and passion.

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Customizable sandals

Being handmade, one by one, the Siniscalchi sandals are 100% customizable. You can choose the type of leather color, heel height and more, as well as from dozens of different models.

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Handmade Capri sandals
Customizable leather sandals

Sandals made in Sorrento

Handmade in Sorrento, but worn around the world: the Siniscalchi sandals are manufactured in the heart of the historical center of Sorrento, the city source of inspiration for its breathtaking views.

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